IFCJ Responds to Ukrainian Jews’ Concerns of Not Having Heat in the Winter

A recent survey taken of 600 Jews in Ukraine reveals concerns as Ukraine begins its second winter in its war with Russia. As her nine months into the war in Ukraine approach, the impact on civilians continues to grow, especially as the harsh winter months begin. The survey was taken via online and written questionnaires given to Jewish residents in cities across Ukraine.

According to a survey by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), 63% of the respondents predict that they will have to decide between paying for heating or food in the coming winter. 97% of the Ukrainian Jews said that it is now difficult to heat their homes in the winter due to the war, and more than two thirds were unsure if they could do so. Almost half of those surveyed said that they knew at least one person who would be unable to heat their homes and almost half don’t have enough warm clothing.

In response to these deficiencies, the IFCJ announced that they will be transferring $6.5 million worth of assistance to organizations working on the ground with local Jewish communities. The financial support will be invested in providing food and medicine supplies for tens of thousands of the elderly and children. Hot meals, space heaters and other means of staying warm in the cold weather in Ukraine, as well as food and supplies will be given to Ukrainians and refugees in neighboring countries

Since the outbreak of the war, the IFCJ has been heavily involved in the evacuation of Ukrainian members of the Jewish community, providing food, medicine and supplies as well as establishing a support and aid hotline. In total, IFCJ has administered $23 million to the Jewish community in Ukraine and has helped 4,500 immigrate to Israel.


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