Russia’s Attack on Babyn Yar

This Tuesday, Russia has damaged the Holocaust memorial Babyn Yar in a missile attack. The memorial site is in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, which is being consistently assaulted with missiles. Many Jewish groups have condemned the attack that hit Babyn Yar and the Jewish President Zelensky has said that it was “Beyond humanity.” 

Babyn Yar is one of the largest mass graves from The Holocaust in the world. As Nazis advanced into Ukraine in 1941, many Jews had still lived in the city. Tens of thousands of the remaining Jews were told to assemble with spare clothes, thinking they would be going to a labor camp, but were then ordered to undress and walk into a ravine at the outskirts of Kyiv where they were shot. This killed 33,771 Jews over 2 days. The site has now turned into a memorial. 

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