Russian Embassy’s Twitter Posts Antisemitic Image

The missile that recently striked Poland was determined to have originated from Ukrainian air-defenses, not from Russia. In response to this, the UK Russian Embassy’s twitter account posted a cartoon of Volodymyr Zelenskyy writing on a chalkboard in reference to the popular meme from The Simpsons. However, the caricature of Zelensky gave him an abnormally large nose, matching the ways in which Jews were famously represented in antisemitic cartoons and media throughout the last few centuries. 

This is very hypocritical coming from a government that has labeled Zelensky and his cohorts as Nazis, claiming that the overarching aim of the invasion of Ukraine is to “denazify” it. 

The meme also references Russia’s claims that the missiles that hit Poland near the Ukrainian border and killed two were intentionally fired by Ukraine as a false-flag operation to bring NATO into the conflict. 


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